BFA Thesis: "Ruminations"
Propose and create a gallery series, altogether forming your thesis for the Bachelor of Fine Arts student exhibition at Bradley University.
As this was the capstone of all my experiences as an artist to this point in life, I wanted to make a series that reflected the primary states of being I’ve cycled through ever since I decided to become a graphic designer back in 2018. The timeline of the first three pieces travels from nervousness but acceptance of challenges ahead, to the taking on of challenges with nonstop energy, to the sudden halt of melancholy and suffocation. After the intentionally jarring void, “Let the River Run” becomes the most important piece reflecting my recovery and acceptance of the life and challenges
still ahead of me. It also flows right into the final part of the series, my first graphic self portrait. The only work without words, my name, Jordan, means “to flow down” referring to a river; always on the move, always shaped by the environments I pass through and, in kind, shaping them in some
small way back. 
Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign
5 large prints / 14 x 22 in.
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